Tour And Live Performance Accounting

TouringPFM is one of the premier business management firms providing tour services for the music industry.  We work with you and your management team in planning and organizing tour requirements and once preliminary dates are established we prepare an initial tour budget.  Our pre tour work also includes negotiating travel and production contracts on your behalf and working with your insurance brokers to determine the proper type of tour insurance required.

We review the financial arrangements provided by the promoters allowing us to better plan overall tour revenue expectations.  We reconcile and audit venue settlement reports and collect and account for all show and other revenues.  We are there for you each and every day of the tour to manage your expectations.

We manage the payment of tour expenses and prepare ongoing budget to actual reports as the tour progresses.  We coordinate the tour payroll making sure you are in compliance with all regulatory requirements.  Once the tour is completed we recap every aspect of the tour as this information will be used to improve future projects. 

Our tour accounting services encompass all financial aspects of a tour and also include negotiating and administering Central Withholding Agreements with the Internal Revenue Service when required.