Work Life At Provident

As a firm we believe and encourage our employees to develop a balance at work and at home. Provident held a summer event for all employees and their families at the Jamaica Bay Inn in Marina Del Rey with a great lunch buffet, beach activities, and games for everyone. We enjoyed a beautiful summer day in the marina getting together outside of the office.

The firm continues 2016 with its Fun Fridays that provide employees with monthly events to break up the day to day work responsibilities and bring our employees closer together. Some of the events and programs to date have included the In-N-Out burger truck, Longshot Coffee that has become a regular favorite providing an in-house coffee cart pick me up for everyone, Pizza lunch day, Cinco de Mayo lunch, the annual Halloween party with costumes, decorations and food, the Provident ice cream cart wandering our hallways with the Partners giving out ice cream in the afternoons, and our very special barbeque in the park taking place at Cloverfield Park across from our office with the cooking done by our Partner group.

As we head towards the end of the year, our party planning committee is finalizing plans for our annual Holiday Party in December.