Work Life

As a firm we believe in, and encourage our employees to develop a balance at work and at home. As the world and our communities become more complex, we all have pressures put on us on a day to day basis.  From the traffic in Los Angeles, to weather issues and family matters that must take priority from time to time, it is essential that we provide a balance for our people so they have an opportunity to learn and thrive in our work environment while effectively managing their personal lives.

We do not expect our people to put in 60 hour weeks; however, we do expect them to work hard and play hard.  To that end, we provide many different distractions to lighten up their work time as we service our clients.

Provident holds many events, large and small, throughout the year putting smiles on the faces of our employees and showing them that we care.

You can see from the below that our events stopped at the end of 2019.  This was due to the COVID-19 restrictions that began in March 2020.  The Firm will return to the good old days once COVID-19 is behind us and can celebrate all that is good with our firm, our people and our business.

A sampling of the events and happenings that go on within the firm our outlined below.

In 2017 Provident held our Summer Event for all employees and their families at the Jamaica Bay Inn in Marina Del Rey with a great barbeque lunch buffet, beach activities, and games for everyone. We enjoyed a beautiful summer day in the Marina getting together outside of the office and enjoying each other’s company.  We held our year-end Holiday Event at the Luxe hotel.  As a firm we have a casual dress policy; however, when it comes to the year-end party most of our people like to dress up as this is a time to get fancy.  From the early cocktail party to a lavish dinner buffet and dancing to the music of a great DJ, everyone turns out for this amazing evening. 

In 2018 our Summer Event was held at the Santa Monica Pier and was open for all of our employees and their families.  More than 150 employees and family members attended a great afternoon that included a buffet lunch, games, rides and fun.  In December it was time again for our annual Holiday Event, which was held at the Skirball Museum.  With most of the events we put on for our employees, a party committee made up of employees was formed to select the venue and provide suggestions for the night’s theme.  Employees from our Nashville and San Francisco offices also joined us for this celebration. 

2019 brought us back to the Pier in Santa Monica for our Summer Event as that venue provides an outstanding environment for those with and without children.  The rides and games keep the children occupied and our single employees are all children at heart.  When through with the picnic and games, many go down to the beach to spend the rest of the day relaxing and enjoy the Santa Monica sunshine.  As always, we had a huge turnout and lots of fun.  The annual year-end Holiday Event goes back to The Luxe as our committee was so impressed with them in 2017 they elected to return with a different theme and activities.

Fun Fridays

A few years ago someone suggested the firm carve out some days for small fun events.  This became Fun Fridays and for the next 52 weeks, every Friday was Fun Friday.  How could we find enough fun things to do for 52 straight weeks?  Well, we did it.  Starting in 2017 and continuing, we decided that every week was a little too much so we have now adjusted our Fun Fridays to once per month.  These Fun Fridays provide employees with monthly events to break up the day to day work responsibilities and bring our employees closer together. Some of the events and programs to date have included the In-N-Out burger truck, Longshot Coffee that has become a regular favorite providing an in-house coffee cart pick me up for everyone, pizza lunch day, Cinco de Mayo lunch, the annual Halloween party with costumes, decorations and pot-luck food brought to the office by employees, the Provident ice cream cart wandering our hallways with the Partners giving out ice cream in the afternoons and let’s not forget our regular bagel breakfasts and monthly donut runs to our favorite donut shops.   

In 2019 a suggestion was made to provide snacks during the day and after some discussion, a new program was implemented providing a snack area that includes healthy snacks, fruits and some sugary items as well.  This has become a big hit with everyone.    

We realize that our business and our industry requires significant focus on servicing clients at the highest level and that our employees are our number one asset requiring and deserving our respect.  We believe in doing as much as we can to provide an environment and atmosphere where each individual has the opportunity to excel in their work and enjoy the place they call home every work day.